Emails are not delivered if the body contains single line feeds

The eventlog on our SMTP Server under IIS6 reported the following error very often: Source: smtpsvc Category: none Event ID: 4006 Description: Message delivery to the host ‚‘ failed while delivering to the remote domain ‚mydomainname.ext‘ for the following reason: The connection was dropped by the remote host. German: Die Nachrichtenübermittlung an den Host „“ ist fehlgeschlagen, während an die Remotedomäne „mydomainname.ext“ übermittelt wurde. Ursache: Die Verbindung wurde vom Remotehost getrennt. The following page brought me to the solution, even if I did not believe in it: In short: don’t have any bare linefeed chars in the message body. Just replace the \n with \r\n and it should work (be careful if you have […]

Script to add e-mail recipients to your Outlook address book

I used the following vb script to add everybody I send an email to into my outlook address book at work. The reason for this is, that Oulook does not remember every e-mail address used, so this helps to get autocompletion in the recipient field writing a new mail. I forgot where I got the original code from, but I left the comment as they were. In Outlook press Alt + F11 to get into the macroview, then add the code to the Project1 – ThisOutlookSession section. ‚ sample Outlook 2003 VBA application by Sue Mosher ‚ send questions/comments to webmaster a outlookcode dot com ‚ The Application_ItemSend procedure must go in the ‚ built-in […]