Adding Web User Control to aspx page

As you cannot add a web user control to your Visual Studio 2005 toolbox I struggled how to do it the easy way. Here is the solution: To add a Web user control to a aspx page simple switch to the design view (of the aspx file) and drag the ascx file from the solution explorer onto the page. Visual Studio does the rest for you. No need for you to add the register tag at the top of the page or think of any stuff like that. Source:

F7 keyboard shortcut in Visual Studio

In some scenarios, the F7 key does not switch between code and designer and back anymore. The only thing it does is switch from designer to code. This seems to be related to some profilesettings. To fix this, you can do the following: Go to Tools – Options – Environment – Keyboard (Extras – Optionen – Umgebung – Tastatur) Set focus in „Press Shortcut Keys“ text box („Tastenkombination drücken“) Press F7 or some other keystroke you want The „Shortcut currently used by“ („Tastenkombination wird momentan verwendet von“) box will show the command currently invoked by the keystroke. Set focus to „Show Commands Containing“ („Befehle mit folgendem Inhalt anzeigen“) and type ToggleDesigner („AnsichtDesigner“) This will select […]

Slow project loading with Visual Studio 2005 SP1

For a few days I had to wait up to 10 minutes to get my main WebApplication Project loaded. Searching the web and using filemon did not get me very far on this, so I decided to remove anything not essential needed bit by bit. This led me to the solution pretty fast: the solutions user options file (.suo) was about 5MB. After removing this file the project started up very fast again!