Linking to anchors in Joomla 1.0.12

creating a small component for Joomla myself, I got into the problem to link to an anchor while having SEF (search engine friendly Urls) enabled. Searching the Joomla forum got me to some helpful topics: Anchors in templates with SEF and this one. So you have to use <a href=“<?php echo sefRelToAbs( ‚index.php?‘. $_SERVER[‚QUERY_STRING‘] . ‚#blabla‘ ); ?>“>Content</a> to get to an anchor on the current page!

Slow project loading with Visual Studio 2005 SP1

For a few days I had to wait up to 10 minutes to get my main WebApplication Project loaded. Searching the web and using filemon did not get me very far on this, so I decided to remove anything not essential needed bit by bit. This led me to the solution pretty fast: the solutions user options file (.suo) was about 5MB. After removing this file the project started up very fast again!

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