Properly reset a Yamaha WX-010 MusicCast

If you move, change your network, want to move from wifi to wired, or anything else that leads you to add your MusicCast within your app you might get error-10305 in the MusicCast app.

Here is how you reset it.

Turn your MusicCast off using the connect button. Hold the 2 volume buttons on your WX-010 for 5 seconds till the leds flash. Then hold the connect button for 3 seconds. The 2 leds will start flashing and eventually turn off. Then your device is reset.

Then walk through the setup in the app.

If that is too cumbersome, connect it to your wired LAN. Access the webinterface through the device’s IP (find it out in your router). There you can switch to wireless lan and enter your wifi credentials.

Once the device set the setting, unplug it from your LAN and walk through the setup in the app. It should be much quicker because the wifi settings are set already.

If you get error 10314, you might want to check your network settings. In case of Ubiquiti UniFi Network make sure you have „Enable multicast enhancement“ enabled.

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